Golden Integrity double layer roofing sheet rolling forming machine is designed to make two different kinds metal sheets in batch fully automatically.

Golden Integrity double layer roofing sheet machine

Double layer roll forming machine, that mainly produce different types of colored steel roofing sheet. it is very common in our daily lives. You can see that they are used in various fields, such as Suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special buildings, large span steel structure of the roof, wall and interior and exterior decoration, then why is it so widely used? Compared with traditional tiles, it has many advantages, such as light weight, high strength, heat insulation, easy installation, bright colors and waterproof, but at the same time it also has some small defects, such as sound insulation because of its thin thickness. The effect is relatively poor, and the ability to resist wind and cold is relatively poor, and it is easy to rust after a long period of rain and it is not easy to recycle.

Double layer roofing sheet machine

Double layer roofing tile machine profile drawings:

Our machine is customized, we will design and produce the machine as your personal requirements. Here below the profile drawings just for your reference only. This profile is the profile for our south africa customer. Different country have different profiles, if you want this machine please just give me your profile.

Double layer roll forming machine 

Usage: In order to keep the product shape and precision, adopts welded sheet structure, motor reducer drive, chain transmission,roller was chromed which can keep the molding plate surface smooth and not easy to be marked when it is being stamped.
Length of the main part: About 8500 1650 1500 mm (L*W*H)
Weight of main part: 6.5 tons
Voltage : 380 V 50 HZ 3 PHASE(As customer's need)
Roller fixer : Middle plate
Frame : 350 H steel welded
Drive mode: Chain
Material of rollers: 45# steel, surface hard chromium plating.
Material of shafts: 45# steel
Diameter of shafts: φ 80 mm
Number of rollers : 13 rollers(Up layer)15 rollers(Down layer)
Main power: 5.5 kw



Double layer roll forming machine Shearing Mechanism

Feature : Ensure stability, precision and cutting speed
It is used to make the step , the glazed tile's final formed.
It adopts the hydraulic drive and automatic location to decide the dimension and cut the target products. Function : Automatic cutting controlled by PLC
Material of blades : Cr 12 quenched
Power supply : Hydraulic power
Components: It contains one set of blade, one hydraulic tank and one cutter machine.

Double layer roll forming machine Hydraulic Station

It is controlled by gear wheel oil pump. After filling the hydraulic oil into the hydraulic oil tank ,the pump drive the cutter machine to begin the cutting job.
Hydraulic motor Power: 4 kw
Hydraulic oil: 46# hydraulic oil
Volume: 30 L
Components: The system includes a set of hydraulic tank , a set of hydraulic oil pump, two hydraulic pipes. and two sets of electromagnetism valves.

Double layer roll forming machine Electric Control System

1. Adopted PLC , transducer, touch panel to ensure high speed with stability, precision and lifetime.
2. Voltage: 380V 50 HZ 3 PHASE (As customer's need)
3. Language: English and Chinese
4. Automatic length measurement
5. Automatic quantity measurement
6. Length Tolerance: 3 m±1.5 mm
7. Length inaccuracy can be amended easily.
8. Unit of length: millimeter (switched on the control panel)
9. Computer operating panel: touching screen and button together.